Please read the information below BEFORE filling out this application.

  • To avoid disappointment, please review the dog’s profile carefully to ensure the dog you are applying for matches your lifestyle and you can meet each other’s needs.
  •  You must be the homeowner and 21 years of age to apply (or permission from your landlord if renting) and all children in the home MUST be 8 years of age or older.
  • All pets (EVEN INDOOR CATS) in the house must be fully vaccinated or exempted for medical reasons by a vet.
  • Please make sure you have informed your vet(s) and personal references to ensure that they are aware they will be contacted by a Just Paws volunteer.
  • Pets will not be placed in a home with indoor vapers/smokers.

⇒ Please complete carefully.

⇒ We cannot accept applications that are incomplete i.e. missing names or information or insufficient references.