Scout is now PERCY has been a bright and joyous addition to his family. Percy showed his personality, his love for belly rubs and his love of play. After the first three days of settling in, Percy is unbelievably friendly, loving, and with just a dash of mischief-just as a perfect doggy should be.
He has been very brave with all the changes he has endured, with such a long journey from a flood in Mexico, to a home in Toronto. The biggest journey has been all the love and laughs he brings to his whole family. Playing ball with the boys, walks meeting new doggy friends and cuddles on the couch every night have each made all their lives brighter and better. He is a truly sweet boy who asks so little and who gives so much. He is enthusiastic, energetic and protective and his family are all better for his love of life, his kisses, and his enthusiasm.

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